2014 Terrain Special 

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Accepting articles and photographs for future issues.

Looking for After Action Reports of your games, reviews of new miniatures and rules, 'how to's' on painting and terrain, and most especially scenarios for ANY ACW rule system - including 'what if' or fictional scenarios. Issue 6 publishing date 16 Jan 2015.

More Info:  Info@acwgamer.com

Featuring articles on:

  • Terrain Makes the Game Easier
  •  Building Antietam 
  •  Making low cost, durable fields for your ACW gaming table
  •  The Road (More or) Less Traveled  
  •  Terrain Tip: Cinnamon Broom
  •  How to Make American Civil War Earthworks  
  •  Flexible Fields  
  •  Easy Cardstock Terrain for Wargamers 
  •  “Winterizing” Your Battlefield

An electronic magazine for American Civil War miniature gamers 

"... the terrain issue was great...I have been building both wargame and model railroad scenery for over 40 years and I still learned stuff.... .Well done, sir!
- John Hill, Author/Designer of Johnny Reb Civil War Rules, Squad Leader WW2 Board Game and Across A Deadly Field Civil War Rules

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